Brand Development

At AACS, we are experts in Product Strategy and Branding. What does this mean to you? We can show you how to identify and amplify the features your customer and the consumer values, and develop a Brand that delivers additional profits.

Market Research

You may have heard of Guerilla Marketing, but have you heard of Guerilla Market Research? Perhaps it's better to describe what it's not. You know those companies that provide an extensive (and expensive) market research experience? Yeah, that's not us. Sometimes, while you are developing a new product, you need a quick and inexpensive way to see if you are heading down the right path. That's where we come in. We know how to take your product straight to the consumer and provide fast feedback, often within 2-3 weeks.

Social Media

AACS provides expert Social Media Marketing. For example, a blog developed for a Tier I manufacturer became the industry's homepage within 6 months. It became the place for customers to go to read about product trends and industry issues. In fact, while the blog only discussed one product, it became 3 times more popular than the company's own website which featured an entire range of products (not counting those who visited the company's job postings). Want to read what we're writing about today? Visit our blog

Event Management

We are already (semi-)famous for founding the Designer Night at the RacesTM events for the automotive design community. By understanding your products and your customers, we can develop and manage an unforgettable event custom tailored to your target audience and help you build relationships that can last for years.


Why would motorsports be listed along with all these other marketing topics? Because, it is our passion for and involvement in motorsports that has allowed us to perform at a level that exceeds our customers' expectations. We implement the lessons of competition in every project; setting clear and concise goals and objectives, pushing the limit of our capabilities, having sincere appreciation for timing and cost (that means delivering before deadlines and under budget), having a good time doing it, and making great friends in the process.

SBS (Small Business Solutions)

Just because we have completed projects for large clients, doesn't mean we don't know how to help your small business be successful. And just because we have the word "automotive" in our name, doesn't mean we don't know other markets. Let us show you how the things we learn at the track and in the boardroom can take your small business from successful to outstanding.

Manufacturing Expertise

It is now a global economy, do you have a plant overseas? Our unique worldwide network of experts can help you decide where to locate your manufacturing plant. Whether it is in Europe, Asia or the Americas, we have the experience and contacts to help you chose the ideal location to maximize profit and minimize headaches.